We have two important work days scheduled, and need many, many hands.

  1. helpGrommet Party: On Thursday, May 8, we will be inserting the rest of the grommets into our cut and drilled straps. It would be awesome to have about 15-20 helpers.  We will be meeting in the Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. Bring your favorite relaxing beverage and Murraywood will provide some delicious snacks. Please say you’ll help:
  2. Assembly Party: On Saturday, May 10, we will be putting the straps onto the chairs and loungers.  This will be a labor intensive process, with teams of 3 working together. The straps must be heated to 200 degrees in boiling water, and then stretched and screwed onto the frames. I would like a minimum of 24 workers. Also, we need one more turkey cooker (Joe Provence, Alex Paris, and Walter George are already providing cookers – just need one more!). Please, please say you’ll help:

We will be feeding everybody on Saturday with burgers and dogs, and of course, the customary beverage will be available. Saturday needs to be a no-kids event due to the 200 degree pots of boiling water.