Strapping Update!

Well, we worked really, really hard today, but only finished about half of the chairs. As it turns out, attaching the straps is really tough!

We will be having another Assembly Party on Thursday, May 15 at 7:00 p.m., and could really use a good group of workers. We hate to keep asking for help, but the DIY spirit at Murraywood is how we keep costs low. Please say you’ll come help!

Big thank yous to: Tony Reynolds, Katherine Keckeisen, Steve Hirsch, Doug Smith, Lynn Moore, Bob Hawsey, David Sherer, Will Sherer, Dorothy Marchant, Mary Ann Lane, Jim Mosteller, Thad Stratford, Joe Provence, Cindy Provence, Marty Kearse, Laura Hawsey, Beth Bradley, Chris Bradley and I sure hope I didn’t leave anyone out! Thank these wonder-workers, and keep in mind that a lot of them are tennis folks! Murraywood members are the best!