The Work Continues!

As usual, Murraywood members are the best!  Remove straps 4 We have folks all over town drilling holes in our cut straps….shout out thanks to: Phil Watson, Richard Longphre, Ken Stevenson, Jim Disher, Mike Curtis, Tony Reynolds, Jim Mostellor, and Chad Mohon! Drillers Extraordinaire!

Remove straps 1While the guys drilled, the Remove Old Yucky Straps Team went to work.  Many thanks to: Alex Paris, Walter George, Chris Bradley, Judy Mohon, Chad Mohon, and Tony Reynolds.  Helpers included Callahan Bradley, William Mohon and Caroline Mohon.  They team removed 1,650 straps yesterday! That’s 3,300 screws!

Remove straps 5Remove straps 2The loungers without straps make a great place to play “fort.”

Meanwhile, over at the Interview Lifeguard Station, Beth Bradley, Kristen Werdunn and Anne Reynolds inserted and pinched grommets into the newly drilled holes. Murraywood Sweatshop!