Beginner Jr Tennis Clinics Registration

Sign up now for Beginner Summer Junior Tennis clinics! 

For each age group (see below), we will offer 2 sessions weekly. You may opt to attend one or both of the sessions. 

The clinics start the week of June 6th, 2022 and run through the week of July 4th. During this time period, there will be no guest fee for non-members or Pool Members! The focus is on skill development for beginners, and there will be a huge emphasis on FUN! Complete the online registration form below to help us plan for staffing and court space. Times are set to complement our Swim Team schedule.

  • Ages 8 and under: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 8:00 am to 9:00 am ($10 per day per child, or $20/week).
  • Ages 9 to 12: Tuesdays/Thursdays, 10:00 am to 11:00 am ($10 per day per child, or $20/week).

Clinics might continue past the first week in July if there is adequate interest. However, at that point, the $5 non-member guest fee for non-members or Pool Only Members will be applied for cost of $15 per day, or $30 per week.

Equipment: All children should have a tennis racquet, wear comfortable clothing and bring water or other beverage. Children 8 and under should have a junior racquet (21″-25″), affordable and readily available at WalMart and Target. Children 9 and older should plan to use an adult 27″ racquet.

For questions, text Jordan White at (803) 687-7844.

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