Cost Analysis: Court Fees for Non-Member Lessons

For non-members taking tennis lessons or clinics, there is a $5 fee per lesson or clinic. For some individuals or families who have a high level of participation, the non-members fees can add up to greater than the cost of many of our tennis and facility memberships. The table below shows what anticipated non-member fees will be based on 40 weeks of annual weekly participation – this number was derived by deducting likely missed attendance due to holidays, weather, vacations, camps or injuries.

Our lowest membership that includes tennis is a Tennis Individual Membership for one player in the family. These can be purchased for juniors, and the cost is $590 per year if paid by cash or check (monthly debit options and credit card payments are slightly higher). A Facility Individual Membership is $620 and includes full use of the pool. A Tennis Family Membership is $685, and offers full use of the courts for the household and no non-member add-on fee for lessons and clinics. For $750, a Facility Family Membership includes both pool and tennis access.

Bottom Line Analysis: Participation of three (3) times per week means non-member fees are approaching membership costs, and it might end up being beneficial to join at that point. Another benefit to consider if your participation is at 3 times per week ($600 in non-member fees), by paying an additional $150, your family could enjoy a Family Facility Membership, which includes the pool, for a fraction of what it costs to join the pool only ($400).

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# of lessons
or clinics
per week
at $5 each
x 40 weeks
per year