Guidelines for USTA League Play at Murraywood

General Guidelines

  • Murraywood teams must be made up of at least 75%  members.
  • Any team not able to meet the 75% rule may submit a written request for a waiver to the MSRC Tennis Committee prior to the season in question by completing and submitting the Request for Ratio or Fee Waiver form.
  • Non-members are required to pay $50.00 per season per team to Murraywood before the first match for each season he/she is on the team roster. The non-member fee is for team play only, and does not include any practices at Murraywood. Non-members who practice with a team must pay the $7 non-member fee for each practice session.
  • If a team cannot be made up of all members, i.e., non-members would be needed to reach a minimum number of players, and a fee reduction is desired, a written request can be made to the MSRC Tennis Committee prior to the season in question by completing and submitting the Request for Ratio or Fee Waiver form.
  • Before the beginning of each season, the Club’s Tennis Committee Chairperson or appointed representative will send a club-wide email advising all members of the upcoming tennis season. While the Tennis Committee cannot guarantee placement on a team, every effort will be made to place all members on a team.
  • The Captain of each team will:
    • Email the Tennis Chair with the team roster, listing each player, their rating, and whether or not they are a club member.
    • Submit a check to the Tennis Chair for any non-member fees.

Court Reservation Guidelines

  • Courts are blocked out as soon as the schedules are posted on TennisLink.
  • Captains should check that courts are blocked out for scheduled matches at least 3 days prior to match date.
  • Court Assignments
    • Adult matches are assigned five courts: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
    • Senior matches (55+) receive two soft courts and one hard court.
    • Super Seniors (65+ and 75+) receive 3 clay courts.
  • If courts are NOT blocked out for a scheduled match, please contact the Tennis Committee.
  • Matches that have to be rescheduled due to rain or weather below 32°F can make reservations prior to 48 hours if courts are available. To have courts rescheduled prior to the 48-hour rule, contact the Tennis Chair. A night that has a regularly scheduled league match may NOT be used for a match make-up. Captains who pre-block rescheduled, rainout or cold weather matches must indicate the team level, “adult” or “senior” and captain’s name.
  • Captains CANNOT bump non-league players who have reserved courts following the Club 48-hour sign-up rule.
  • Matches that need to be rescheduled for any reason other than rainout or cold weather must follow the regular 48-hour sign-up procedures.