Pool Rules

Club General Rules

  1. Driving in the parking area must be slow and careful. Small children are in the area. No parking is permitted in the circle or in the street. Secondary parking is available in the two vacant lots on Cedarbrook Drive.
  2. In the event of property damage, the cost of repair or replacement shall be charged to the member responsible.
  3. The Club will not be responsible for the loss or damage to personal property. No personal possessions may be left in the pool office, tennis office, or clubhouse.
  4. Authorized employees are in the bath house office/concessions stand. Office telephone may be used briefly by members if dry – two minute limit.
  5. Situations that are not covered by any rule or regulation herein will be handled at the discretion of the pool manager, assistant manager on duty or responsible staff and will be reported to Pool Committee. These regulations may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Pool Committee subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

 Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been devised by the Pool Committee and approved by MSRC Board of Directors to ensure the safety and comfort of all club members. Pool Management and Staff have been authorized to enforce these regulations and to make on-the-spot decisions with regards to the safe and sanitary operation of the pool. The Pool Manager (or his/her designee) may and will suspend pool privileges for violations of these regulations, member or guest.

General Pool Rules

  1. Adult Swim: During Pool Operation hours, there will be a 10-minute “Adult Only” swim every hour, on the hour. Only those 18 years of age or older will be allowed in the pool, with the ONLY exception being children under the age of six who are in the pool with a parent.
  2. Pool Closings
    1. Inclement Weather: The pool may be closed without warning in the event of bad weather. The pool will close for 20 minutes at the sound of thunder or sight of lightning at the sole discretion of the Pool Management. Should the pool be closed for the remainder of the day due to bad weather, a notice will be posted on the front gate.
    2. Maintenance and Sanitation: The pool may be closed without warning for maintenance and sanitation purposes at the discretion of the Pool Management.
    3. Swim Meets and Social Functions: Hours may be amended for swim meets and social events and will be posted in advance. This may include Member Only or Adult Only functions.
  3. Prohibited Items
    1. Band Aids: No one may swim while wearing a band aid. They clog our filters.
    2. Bobby Pins: No one may swim while wearing bobby pins. They clog our filters.
    3. Balls: Balls are not permitted in the pool or pool enclosure. This includes water balls, tennis balls, nerf balls, etc. Many members and guests have been inadvertently hit by errant balls. Guards will confiscate balls, and return to member at the end of their visit to the pool.
  4. Guest Policy:  Any abuses of the Guest Policy can lead to loss of club privileges or membership. Any requests for exceptions to these rules should be directed to the MSRC Board of Directors and NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE without prior Board approval.
    1. Guests will be allowed at the charge of $5 per guest, per visit.
    2. There will be no charge for guests under the age of 6.
    3. Individual guests will be allowed a limit of 10 visits per season.
    4. There will be no charge for Babysitters or limit on the number of visits. Babysitters MUST be 13 years of age or older. Murraywood reserves the right to revoke the admission privileges of those babysitters who do not provide adequate supervision of their assigned children. Babysitters may not use the facility when they are not babysitting their charges.
    5. There will be no charge for Grandparents or limit on the number of visits. A member MUST accompany guests.
    6. There will be no charge for grandchildren of members or limit on the number of visits. A member MUST accompany guests.
    7. There will be no charge for guests visiting from out of town (40+ miles) and they will not be limited in number of visits. A member MUST accompany guests.
    8. Guests who enter the pool area in street clothes and who remain dressed shall not be charged a guest fee. Such visits shall be unlimited. Discretionary control shall be exercised by the pool staff or by the Board of Directors as necessary to prevent abuse of this policy.
  5. Check In: All members, passholders and guests are required to check in at the Front Window prior to entering the Pool Area. At times, picture ID’s may be required to verify membership. This is a safety precaution and members are expected to fully cooperate with Club Employees. Guests must sign the Guest Log and pay fees prior to admission. Please understand that should your guest have exceeded the 10-visit limit, the guest will be denied admission to the Pool. Abuses of this policy could lead to the loss of club membership or pass.
  6. Health and Safety Rules: All members, members’ children and guests use the pool and its facilities at their own risk! Although MSRC provides lifeguards as a courtesy and to ensure safety of its members, guards are not to be used to supervise children and non-swimmers at the expense of parental supervision. Lifeguards are NOT responsible for children or activity outside of the pool enclosure.
  7. Water Toys and Flotation:
    1. All pool staff is authorized to restrict the use of equipment such as tubes, rafts, balls, diving toys, etc. They have the authority to restrict hazardous water activities and to evict anyone who does not comply with these restrictions. Artificial swimming aids are allowed in the shallow, roped in section of the pool unless lifeguards deem them unsafe. No ball playing in the pool area.
    2. Water balls (defined as those specifically designed for use in water…) may be permitted in the pool only.  However, other non-water balls are not permitted in the pool, pool deck, nor pool enclosure.  This includes tennis balls, nerf balls, traditional/hard footballs, etc.  Many members and guests have been inadvertently hit by errant balls, so guards will be given discretion to call for a temporary stoppage to ball-playing if conditions are inappropriate for ball-play or confiscate any non-water balls to be returned at the end of the visit to the pool.
    3. Squirt and Super Soakers are not permitted in the pool area or pool.
    4. Arm swimmies and life jackets are always allowed for younger children. These devises are to be used properly and age-appropriately.
  8. Personal Hygiene and Safety
    1. Admission can be refused to anyone wearing bandages, showing evidence of a skin disease, open lesions, excessive nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes or infections of any sort.
    2. Spitting, spouting water, nose blowing, etc. is PROHIBITED in the pool.
    3. Glass of any kind is PROHIBITED in the pool enclosure.
    4. NO FOOD is allowed around the pool edge. All garbage is to be disposed of in the refuse cans provided around the pool.
    5. NO CHEWING GUM is allowed in the pool area.
    6. NO BANDAIDS OF ANY KIND may be worn in the pool.
    7. Smoking is PROHIBITED on the pool deck or around the pool entrance.
    8. Infants or toddlers not yet potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper AND rubber pants. While swim diapers are designed for the water, they are not sufficient to retain fecal matter that can cause the pool to close for up to 24 hours under DHEC guidelines. This rule applies to BOTH POOLS. Swim diapers AND rubber pants are available at Concessions for a nominal fee, as supplies last.
  9. Age and Behavior Guidelines
    1. General Behavior Rules
      1. NO RUNNING inside the pool fence!
      2. All bathers MUST exit the pool IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the Lifeguard whistle and call to clear the pool.
      3. NO diving in the 3’, 3 1/2’, or 4’ areas of the pool. Diving is allowed ONLY in the diving well.
      4. No running starts for dives or jumps from the sides of the pool.
      5. NO hanging or playing on the lane or lifelines.
      6. There is a lap lane for those who want to swim laps. Children are not to be hanging out in or playing in the lap lane. Anyone may cross over/under the line to access the ladder, but must not interfere with lap swimmers. Be courteous!!
      7. There will be NO “STUNTS” of any kind in the pool. This includes cheerleading stunts, “chicken” fights, tossing children, etc. Please be mindful of the dangers presented to both you and to others!
      8. Starting blocks are for swim team only. A Swim Coach or a Lifeguard MUST be present and authorize use.
      9. If you disobey the rules, regardless of your age, you will be warned. Second offenses will result in sitting out for 10 minutes. After 2 warnings, the pool staff has the authority to ask you to leave for the day. The Management and/or the Board of Directors will consider serious rule violations.
  10. Drop Off” Policy:  Children under age 10 may not be present at the pool without adult supervision.
  11. Diving Board Rules
    1. No floats, flotation devises or goggles of any kind are allowed when jumping off of either Board.
    2. Only one person is allowed on the board at a time, on either board. The person on the board must wait until the previous diver has reached the ladder before diving from the board.
    3. Only one bounce per dive is allowed on both boards.
    4. No running starts
    5. No diving “out”. Entry should be just below end of board, where water is the deepest.
    6. Parents are NOT allowed to be in the diving well to catch children under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Our lifeguards will be happy to assist children in the pool.
    7. High Dive Rules: Anyone is welcome to use the high dive, however there are specific rules that must be followed:
      2. ONE person is allowed on the high dive stairs at a time. The person on the stairs must wait for the previous diver to go off the board before ascending the ladder. They must wait until the diver reaches the ladder before jumping.
      3. No diver can climb down from the high dive ladder. After ascending the ladder, the diver MUST go off the board.
  12. Baby Pool Rules
    1. The Baby Pool is STRICTLY for children ages 6 and under.
    2. Any child in the Baby Pool area must be accompanied by a parent or adult.
    3. Lifeguards are not assigned to Guard the Baby Pool, however are available to respond to emergencies.
    4. Any child not fully potty trained must wear BOTH a swim diaper AND rubber pants, even in the baby pool. A fecal accident in the Baby Pool will result in closure of the ENTIRE pool for up to 24 hours! Swim diapers and rubber pants are available in Concessions for a nominal fee, as supplies last.
  13. Alcohol Policy
    1. Alcohol will be permitted ONLY during the following hours and STRICT adherence to the following policies will be enforced.
      1. Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. until closing.
      2. Fridays, 5:00 p.m. until closing.
      3. Saturdays, 1:00 p.m. until closing.
      4. Sundays, 1:00 p.m. until closing.
      5. Holidays (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day), 1:00 p.m. until closing.
      6. No beverages may be taken into the pool.
      7. At the request of our non-drinking members, alcoholic beverages should be placed in plastic cups or cans covered with coozies.
      8. NO glass is allowed within the pool enclosure.
    1. Alcohol is PROHIBITED at Swim Meets.
    2. Members are expected to be respectful of other members and responsible for their own behavior. Pool Management has the authority, as in any other circumstance, to request any member or guest to cease alcohol use and/or to leave the pool area.

Violation of these policies can result in loss of pool privileges.