We will be accepting applications for summer employment at Murraywood starting March 1. Preferential consideration will be given to Murraywood members.  We will only hire outside of our membership if we do not receive enough qualified member applicants. Minimum age requirement: 16 years of age.

Preferential consideration will also be given to those applicants who are available to work two (2) of the following four special dates/events:

  1. Memorial Day Weekend).
  2. First Week.
  3. Fourth of July holiday.
  4. Labor Day Weekend

Please complete and submit the application below before March 31. No late applications will be accepted. No incomplete applications will be accepted. If an applicant has not completed the required certification classes, the date that the class is to be taken may be included instead of a copy of the documentation.

Murraywood guards will be required to wear only RED suits this summer! If you would like to print and complete your W-4 to bring to your interview, here’s a link:

Applicant Personal Data


Lifeguard Certification Information



Awards, Distinctions and Honors

References: Please include name, phone number and relationship. Please note that no family member can be a reference.

Tell us about yourself