Members to Upgrade Bathroom Access at Murraywood!

Those of you who attended our Annual General Membership Meeting in March may recall when new Facility Member, Joe Gabriel, stood up and offered to pay to have greater access to multiple bathrooms at our Club, citing the backlog that is created each afternoon when school children arrive for their lessons and clinics. With just one bathroom, it takes a while for everyone to get changed and down on court. The same thing happens on USTA League nights.

When we rebuilt the pool house back in 2016 after the flood, the plans were modified to allow year-round access to bathrooms, an important feature since we had lost use of the Clubhouse with its dedicated women’s and men’s restrooms. However, the additional modifications necessary to make this happen were considered a low priority as we toiled and struggled to get the doors open in time for the summer pool season.

Now, with the generous financial support of the Gabriels, this dream is becoming a reality. Upon completion of certain modifications, tennis players will have full access to the expansive restrooms at the pool. This includes ample space for changing, going to the bathroom, and showering after a sweaty tennis session. The only drawback to this situation is that the showers will need to be turned off in the coldest months since the building is not currently temperature controlled.

And the old tennis bathroom is going to be converted into an ice room! That’s right! An ice machine is going to be installed at Murraywood! Finally!

Thank you so much to the Gabriels for their generous donation of time and money. Below, see a few pics of the floors at the pool house: they have been painted and look fantastic. Many thanks to the Gabriels, Tom Keckeisen, and Elijah Crain for their hard work!